All sports have a certain culture to them and martial arts is no different.  I personally love the culture we have in martial arts and it is why martial arts schools are one of the best places to be at.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. A terrific support unit:  All of the staff and instructors/helpers are there to encourage students and celebrate their victories.  We also learn to celebrate the our own victories and that of others.   This all around positivity is not seen a lot in other activities and really makes students feel a sense of family and belonging.
  2. Good Habits:  Everyone is training together physically and mentally and striving to improve.  Students in stripes and belts, setting, and accomplishing goals together.  All of the students in a class are doing things that are creating good habits.  In my children’s other sports you don’t see this even at the highest levels.  You get some of the athletes that just do the bare minimum and don’t practice at their best.  That is a habit that often spreads to a few others.
  3. Skills that stay for a lifetime:  When you are in martial arts, especially the fifth grade, middle and high school ages, these skills are things that you keep forever.  Having owned five martial arts schools teaching thousands of children and now working with school owners I can attest to the truth in that statement.  Not to mention I was one a kid that trained for that crucial 5-7 year period from 7-14 years old.  The confidence, goal setting, self-discipline, self-esteem and respect I learned at those ages formed my whole belief system and strengthened my resolve.  I have had many students who stopped training at 13-15 years old but told us that they used their life skills in school and sports.  Not to mention their physical training.

Now of course these are some martial arts cultures within certain schools that are not as good as others.  Just like there are some sub-cultures within teams that break from the general culture of a sport.  By and large, however, martial arts schools share this common culture.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Benefits of Martial Arts