I was recently at the soccer field training with my daughter and there was a football practice going on simultaneously.  As I watched it got me thinking about what types of athletes are the best.  Being a martial artists and having also played several sports through high school I still land on the martial arts athlete being the best.  Here are my three main reasons.

  1. A combination of universal sports training and sport specific training.  In martial arts we work attributes like speed, agility and quickness using training methods that are applicable to every sport along with martial arts specific drills.  Of course the martial arts specific training also provides great balance, speed, power, rhythm and dexterity that will aid in any sport.
  2. The instruction and development of life skills:  This is something that is really a difference maker.  It is said all the time that an athlete has that special something that can’t be taught.  This usually means things like drive, determination and perseverance.  The thing is these are teachable things and martial arts does just that.  In other sports those generally are not taught they are just caught by certain athletes who then excel.
  3. Quality physical instruction:  Whatever your age is, a strong martial arts program will have great attribute based instruction.  This means that if you are working on balance, base, precision, power or any attribute it will be broken down into teaching parts.  Parts that can be related to any other sport and allow an athlete to essentially coach themselves.  I see all the time as I watch youth sports that coaches just don’t know how to teach.  Shouting things like run faster or hit the ball harder.  How?  What do I need to do to generate more power?  Martial arts students in a program that teaches attributes will be able to hear they need more speed and know the parts that go into being faster.

Whether you are looking for a stand alone activity for your child to get involved in, or something to enhance athletic performance for existing sports, martial arts is right for you!  I highly suggest you find a high quality martial arts school like Arrow Martial Arts and get your student the benefits that will make them a stand out on and off the field of play.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Benefits of Martial Arts