In an age dominated by social media and ever-advancing mobile technology, awareness is seemingly at an all time low.  A quick video search on YouTube will find thousands of videos showing pedestrians walking into street signs, walls, windows, traffic and each other while checking their mobile phones.  Sadly, we are evening seeing people walking off of cliffs.  You, yourself, can likely remember a conversation where you were only half listening while glancing at Instagram, or a jog you were distracted on while fiddling with a music or a running app.  The dangers of this lack of situational awareness stretch beyond that of comical trips and falls, into the dangers of assault, robbery and even rape.  We all assume that living in a “nice” or “safe” area automatically protects us, and that for the most part, the world is a friendly place.  There are, however, people out there who are looking to take advantage of us and target those of us that overestimate our safety.  We simply need to look at the number of people attacked on their early morning jogs to see this is true.  Something we know through our Krav Maga training is that most of these dangerous situations can be avoided simply by having a high level of awareness.  Let’s take a minute to break down the levels of awareness.

Remember, an attacker usually does not have an alternate plan, only an alternate victim.

Levels of awareness:

  1. Unaware:  This is when you are virtually non-responsive to your surroundings and the people in it.  Sometimes this state can’t be avoided, and we would consider those situations an ambush and your best chance of survival is to weather the initial attack and then counter attack.
  2. Aware:  In this level you are cognizant of your surroundings and those in it.  While the world is for the most part a safe and friendly place, you simply understand that there are those who would do us harm, and are prepared.
  3. Alert:  Here is when something in your environment seems not quite right and has your attention.  You should now begin to set some mental triggers such as “if that guy does x, I am going to do Y”.  Fight or flight response also kicks in at this point.
  4. Alarm:  Your mental triggers have been tripped and you must take action.

When we are aware, we can avoid much of the danger in the world.  It allows us to see the potential mugger next to the building and make the decision to put some barriers and blockades between us and him.  You will see the very sketchy looking person that entered the store and know to keep your distance.  It will help you to know where the exits are when you enter a building and what the best plan of action for an immediate exit would be (it would also ruin almost all of the frightening scenes in a horror film).  I hope that this knowledge domain from our Krav Maga training comes in handy.  If reading this makes you realize you are not prepared for what may be lurking, then I would encourage you to try one of our Krav Maga classes, or if you are not local, find a school near you and empower yourself with knowledge and skill.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Benefits of Martial Arts