We are approaching a crisis point in our country when it comes to the health and fitness of our youth, and we are past that point in regard to adults. Here are some ideas to get your children moving and active.

Rather than having your child come home and immediately do homework, instead, have them do thirty minutes of outside play, sports training or a structured fitness session. Many studies are showing that our children simply are not moving around enough when and school and that they spend the majority of their time seated in the classroom setting. They are not only ready for some movement when they get home, but may in fact need it.

Allot thirty minutes to forty five minutes a day for physical activity. Fitness is an every day thing, not a two or three times a week thing. Even if you have your child enrolled in martial arts classes, dance, soccer or some other sport, they should be getting fitness in the other days, as well. It is far to easy to “out-eat” or “out-sit” your three days of fitness in the four days off.

It is a great idea to limit your children’s technology time. This way, more of their time is spent actively playing, using arts and crafts, or playing with toys. For our family, we limit all forms of technology to an hour a day.

Find ways to be active as a family. The old adage of “more is caught than taught” really does carry weight. You can toss a ball together or have a kick around outside. There could be a family game of hide and seek, Nerf wars, or just a walk around the block together. It is hard to enforce a healthy eating and fitness lifestyle in our children if we are not living one ourselves.

Get your children around like-minded children. In many situations your child’s peer groups will have a lot to do with the habits they form. So, if I want my child to be active, it is a great idea to get him or her around other very active children. As an added beneift, these friends will also be positive influences in other areas. The same principle applies to choosing the mentors in you children’s lives.

I hope that some of these ideas, which we have implemented in our own family and try to instill in our school’s members, are helpful to you also.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Benefits of Martial Arts