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Do Our Children Have Life Skills?

Posted: March 02, 2020

Are We Teaching Our Children Life Skills?


That is a question that seems to be coming up more and more in today’s social climate.  Living in an affluent suburban Philadelphia area it is often assumed that our children are going to be just fine.  They are going to learn how to behave, how to succeed, how to contribute positively and they are going to be mature, well mannered citizens.  Though when you ask a parent when was the last time they actually discussed something like self-esteem with their child they often can’t tell you.  Usually, the reason is that we as parents are not actually teaching our children life skills.  They simply pick up our habits, both good and bad, from watching us interact with each other.  This is the reason some adults chew with their mouths open, talk and curse on their phones in public, let the door close on others, cut people off on the road, and on, and on, and on.  They simply were not taught as children what the proper behavior was.  We learn our conscience from following our parent’s instructions and habits. 

Fostering a Champions Mindset

Posted: February 21, 2020

Mental Toughness, a Champions Spirit, a Winning Attitude, Killer Instinct, call it what you will but all champions have it. The desire to succeed and be the best is something that all top athletes seem to have.  A question I have been asked by many parents of competitive students is whether we can build that spirit in a child.  While, it is true that many athletes are born with that drive and determination, it is also something that can be built or grown.  Conversely, it can also go away.  Often times when an athlete is pushed to hard, or the wrong way, they can lose that drive and commitment or desire to be the best.  Here are a few ways to you can build competitive fortitude in your child:


Anti-Bullying Power Phrases

Posted: February 06, 2020

Bully denfesne tactics is a big part of what we teach at Arrow Martial Arts.  I wanted to share with you the concept behind our Bully Power Phrases.  Specific phrases designed and backed by research and real world testing are important and far more effective than "wigning it" and saying our own things.  In fact, we find students that say their own thoughts, tend to get in trouble or give the bully a built in defense when confronted by a teacher.  We practice these phrases and more in each of our classes and I know our students have found them helpful.  I hope you do as well.

1. The first power phrase is designed to show the bully you are not an easy target.  One out of four children are victims of bullying.  This person tends to be the easiest target.  This phrase sounds something like "You can't hurt my feelings."  It is our version of ignoring the bully as you never want to do nothing when bullied.  

2. The second time you are bullied by this person we are going to try to steal their power.  We use the phrase "Yeah, Ive heard that one before."  This shows the bully they are not saying anyting we have not heard before and that we are not going to be bothered by it.  

The Best Type of Athlete, A Martial Arts Athlete

Posted: February 05, 2020

I was recently at the soccer field training with my daughter and there was a football practice going on simultaneously.  As I watched it got me thinking about what types of athletes are the best.  Being a martial artists and having also played several sports through high school I still land on the martial arts athlete being the best.  Here are my three main reasons.


The Martial Arts Culture

Posted: February 05, 2020

All sports have a certain culture to them and martial arts is no different.  I personally love the culture we have in martial arts and it is why martial arts schools are one of the best places to be at.  Here are a few reasons why:


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