We can often times become complacent and non-responsive to our surroundings. In Krav Maga we refer to this as our first level of awareness: unaware. It is sometimes unavoidable, however, there are many simple steps we can take to become aware. Here are a few specifically for when walking to your car.

1. Don’t check you phone: As most people leave a store they jump right on their devices to see what they missed. Instead make sure you device is away and you look around your surroundings and the path to your car. This will allow you to see if something or someone in that path seems not quite right. You may even be able to ask a staff member to walk you to your car if there is someone waiting near it that has you uncomfortable.

2. Have your dominant hand free: In the case thay you may need to defend yourself you don’t want to have a handfull of items in both hands. You want to have possessions in your weak hand that can be thrown as distractionary weapons and your striking hand free.

3. Lock your door immediately: Don’t check devices or get on a call prior to locking your car door and starting the car. Doing these steps first can buy you valuable time if a car jacker or abductor were to approach your car.

4. Check your surroundings from your car: As you pull into parking spots, out of spots or up to traffic lights you should do a 360 check of your surroundings. We can see this in situations when someone knocks on your window. Say a person selling something on the street corner or askng for donations. Often times you see the drivers shocked or frightened by the knock on the window. This is because they are used to stopping and checking their phone or the stations. Instead as you stop look completely around your surroundings.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Advice