One of the things that I love about our martial arts curriculum is that it is attribute or skill-based. This means that it is focused on breaking down and developing martial arts skills. I have started noticing recently that a lot of the programs I have chosen for my children lately have also been skill-based. That is probably why I ended up choosing them in the first place. My most recent purchases were a soccer development program called Beast Mode Soccer and a sports fitness program called SKLZ. These programs, much like ours, focus on breaking down individual skills and coming up with practical drills to train them. These particular programs have had so much success doing this that they currently train professional athletes, Olympians, and teams across the globe. For our martial arts organization, attribute-based teaching has helped us become the largest in the country with over 300,000 members.

An example of one of our skills is speed. We break speed down into five attributes: conditioning, breathing, relaxation of muscles, reaction force, and flexibility. Then, throughout our class, we have drills that focus on one or more of these attributes. Other skills include balance, power, proper technique, eye contact, automatic reflex and rhythm, and presentation.

The benefits of using a system like this are that it makes correction and development specific. Under a system like this, you won’t hear a coach/instructor tell someone to move faster over and over again. The coach can actually help the athlete to be faster by giving them a specific component of speed to work on. Another benefit is that students learn how to self-correct. The attributes are like a checklist to go through when training. If a student loses their balance and knows the components of balance, they are able to figure out which one they did not have and make the appropriate correction. Having been lucky enough to train several world champions, I can say this is a trait they definitely had over their competition.

When you find an attribute-based curriculum, you will see that each class has an overarching goal that students work on with purpose. These classes will be much more focused and the student’s growth will be measurable.

Published: June 22, 2021

Categories: Benefits of Martial Arts